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Boogie Box Jive

'BBJ' is all about enjoyment. We host dance classes 3 times a week at locations in the West of Scotland (see Classes page for details). BBJ gives dance demonstrations throughout the year at various events and raises funds for charities in the West of Scotland. We also regularly host 'dance nights' at various clubs or venues, where (even though you don't dance) you are treated to some of the best live Swing and Rock n' Roll music acts from across the UK.

BBJ welcomes all ages, from 14 years upwards, who want to learn the 'joy of jive'. No previous experience is necessary. We can get your 'two left feet' pointing in the right direction but they won't be staying there for any length of time and they certainly won't be keeping still.

About Paul McKenzie


Paul is certified by the United Kingdom Alliance (UKA) of Professional Teachers of Dance to teach 'Rock n' Roll dancing and holds the UKA Associate Diploma.

Paul has been teaching dance for over 20 years.

Paul has reached the finals of Jive and Rock n' Roll dance competitions across the World and has won numerous major dance competitions, representing Scotland and the UK. He is the former British Champion He has appeared on television numerous times and given dance displays at a large number of charity, theatre and other events, most recently performing with Boogie Box Jive at George Square, Glasgow during the 2018 European Sports Championships.

Boogie Box Jive contribute to charities across Scotland and Paul & BBJ have been recognised for their charity work. 

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Jive Class
Paul McKenzie
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